Google Keyword Planner has Changed

The great thing about writing a book is that you always have a source of information you can refer to when you memory starts playing tricks. As was the case with me recently when I was looking for the link to the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Fortunately I remembered writing about this very topic in Chapter 3 of my book “How to Save $100,000 a Year on Google AdWords”. I needed the link as we are currently researching keywords for the design of a Social Blog Network that’s being created for a new client in the cleaning equipment niche.

The Google Keyword Planner URL has Changed

However Google being Google they have subtly changed the link and buried it deeper within the Google AdWords tool itself. The good news is the tool is still available and you will find the revised URL below:

You need to create a Google AdWords account to access the tool these days but as with most of Google’s services the account is free to setup. If you haven’t used the planner for a while take a look at the following video for help:

One thing I would say about the planner is the search volumes are quite vague so if your looking to drill down to more accurate numbers you should check out some of the other tools available.

For my new client we managed to find around 140 keywords relating to their niche and we are currently in the process of analysing these into groups that will form the basis of their new Blogging Network.

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