Internet Overdrive

Overpower your competition by maximising your internet presence
and tap into a huge resource of targeted traffic

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Increased Profits

Slash your advertising expenditure and increase profits with a targeted
Social Blog Network that will attract more clients for less spend

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Leverage Social Proof

Discover how to implement reputation marketing techniques that will
leverage social proof to increase response and conversions

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With Social Proof


Who We Are

Social Blog Networks is the creation of Jeremy Taylor author of the best selling marketing book How to Save $100,000 on Google AdWords.

The book goes into detail on the creation of a successful low cost marketing campaign based around the combined proven SEO techniques of Content Marketing, Private Blog Networks and Social Media.

This website has been built as a companion to the book where readers can find the latest information in this fast moving interconnected world in which we live. You will also find available on this site several "Done For You" services designed around the implementation of a Social Blog Network for your business.

Our Services


The first step in the creation of an Social Blog Network is to learn more about your business in order to create a workable design that will match your goals.

In the next phase our team create the WordPress sites and setup the social media and reputation channels which will provide the foundation of your SBN, its also about engaging the right people in your organisation ready for the next phase.

The execute phase is all about the steady creation of content which is then distributed across the blog network and syndicated through Social Media channels.


What We Offer

No one knows more about Social Blog Networks

We invented Social Blog Networks so don't do it yourself and re-learn the mistakes we already made. Take advantage of our years of experience and get your own SBN off to a flying start with our consultancy and implementation service.

You will be able to monitor the performance of the campaign through Google Analytics and of course the business it generated.

We will also keep you informed of new techniques and automatically add them into your campaign.