Outsourcing Gig Work

One of the biggest tips I was given when I became an IT manager in my past career was not to do everything myself but to use my team and to "Delegate".  This tip became my mantra and I did it so much my own manager said that although he thought it was very empowering for my team I had done too much of it and something things I should of done myself.  When it came to that annual review I guess they need to find fault with something.

Now I've started my own business I find I still need to delegate however with less staff or staff with the right skills that's not so easy.  Fortunately some time ago I discovered Fiverr.com and a few others where you pay for each job you get done or Gig as they like to call it.

I've personally used Fiverr  to get my book covered designed and in the past I've bought Facebook page likes and Twitter followers which incidentally I recommend you do as no one likes to be the first person to like a Facebook page or be the first follower.

When using services such as Fiverr, look out for the following:

  • Check their reviews; a good seller will have long reviews and repeat buyers.
  • Monitor their response time when you contact them—someone who responds very quickly may indicate they are not particularly busy and for good reason; conversely, you don’t want someone who takes days to get back to you.
  • Review their profile and see what other gigs they offer. Ideally, you want to hire an expert rather than a jack of all trades.

Although Fiverr is a favourite of mine there are a large number of sites where you can hire people to do one off jobs, I've included a list below, if you come across any others do let me know and I'll update this post.

www.123employee.com www.guru.com
www.hiremymom.com www.idictate.com
http://manila.en.craigslist.com.ph www.odesk.com
www.peopleperhour.com www.scriptlance.com
www.elance.com www.fourerr.com/
www.freelancer.com www.gigbucks.com
www.mturk.com www.taskarmy.com
www.tenbux.com www.virtualvalley.io
www.vworker.com www.zeerk.com
www.reedsy.com https://www.onlinejobs.ph/
www.outsourcely.com/ www.rev.com
www.seoclerks.com www.upwork.com

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