Podcast Blog Content Strategy

The Benefits of Using Podcasts for Blog Content

Podcasts are a great way of communicating your thoughts to an audience quickly and many podcasters are doing so on a regular if not daily basis.  Research reported by Convince and Convert show 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly and this is increasing year on year.  This article will show you how you can maximise your use of a podcast for blog content.

There are over 100,000 pod-casters and what most fail to realise is that their material can be highly beneficial to there web rankings if only they would take the time to transcribe it and use the podcast as blog content.  Search engines such as Google are not powerful enough yet to be able to do this automatically so audio content does need to be converted into plain text if you want Google to recognise your content for what it actually is.

If you do the maths a typical podcaster will speak at around 110 words per minute so a typical twenty minute podcast will typically contain around 2,200 words which is plenty of content for a blog post or two.

Podcast Blog Content Strategy

In a nutshell the overall Social Blog Network strategy is to create content and then distribute it over multiple blogs and then syndicate to social media, this in-turn generates links and increases your exposure in Google.  If you throw podcasting into the mix you have a consistent source of content that can feed your network.

Step 1 - Convert your Podcast into Text.

This is easily outsourced, with quite a few companies offering to transcribe using automated systems from $.75 per minute, some companies charge more if there area multiple voices to recognise.  To find the solution that is right for your needs take a look at the following companies:

  • www.rev.com - Audio Transcription Service, $1 minute and 12 hour turn around service with 99% accuracy.
  • www.voicebase.com - Digital and Human Audio Transcription service with 50 hours free offer for digital.
  • www.transcribeme.com - Low cost transcripts at just $0.79/minute.
  • www.Scribie.com- Audio/video transcription service with fast turnaround of 12 hours prices start at $0.75 per minute.
  • www.trint.com  - Manual transaction service with rates from £10 per hour
  • www.gmrtranscription.com US Based transcribers offering 98% accuracy from $1.25 per minute

Step 2- Add to Blog Post

Take the transcribed text and create a new blog post, if the text is over 1,000 words then its worth splitting it across multiple posts to get maximum exposure in the search engines.  You can link each post to the next so readers can follow it through easily however its the search engines we are really targeting with this strategy.    You can also link the post to the original podcast or even embed the related audio track into the page using a WordPress plugin called CUE.

Before publishing the post work out which keywords you wish to promote and add titles and tags with the keywords, link to other related content you have published and bold relevant text to indicate to search engines such as Google which are the most important parts of page.

Step 3 - Re-Post to Authority Blog

To take maximum advantage of the SBN strategy you now need to re-post the blog onto another blog you control which focuses on the main subject of the post.  Create a link at the end of the post giving credit to the original post.

Step 4 - Syndicate to Social Media

Both posts should now be shared on the connected social media platforms.   Followers of the Social Blog Network strategy will be aware of the Social Link Machine plugin for WordPress that can do this automatically.

Example - Russell Brunson - Marketing Secrets

Lets take a look at one of my favourite podcasts Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson who is famous for his Click Funnels product, if you haven't come across it before I recommend you checkout his podcast.

Russell regularly provides an inspiration chat lasting around 15-20 minutes around the topic on Internet Marketing which using the formula above is probably around  1,650 words of content.  Russell already has a WordPress based website for the blog hosted on www.marketingsecrets.com however  its a single installation so to take maximum advantage of the domain and link building I would recommend he converted that into WordPress Multisite mode.

Once in Multisite Russell could create multiple sub-sites using podcast blog content based around the popular themes in his Podcasts, e.g. Inspiration.MarketingSecrets.com, Twitter.MarketingSecrets.com, Facebook.MarketingSecrets.com etc. etc.  The transcribed podcasts are then posted on the most relevant blogs depending on their main topic and with links to other content created within Russells network of sites.  Once magnified on Social Media the number of links pointing to his content in the Google index would increase rapidly.

If you need advice on the power of Social Blog Networks or Podcast Blog Content

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