Template Monster

WordPress is the quickest way to get a Web Site live and if your following the Social Blog formula creating new websites is something you will be doing a lot of.

So using WordPress is an obvious decision, however once installed your going to need to choose a theme that will define the overall look and feel of your site. There are literally thousands to choose from, including a large selection of basic free themes recommended by WordPress. There are also thousands of sophisticated paid themes available, so it’s well worth browsing one of the better theme sites such as Template Monster before making a decision.

Template Monster groups every theme into relevant business categories, from art through to travel, making it very easy to navigate and browse themes that are relevant to your niche. With non-exclusive licenses from around $45, it’s a very cheap way of getting the right look for your website. Not only that they also offer a service that will add your text and graphics into the theme so the site can be up and running very quickly.  Just the thing for an avid Social Blog Network builder.

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