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The foundation of having a Social Blog network is to ensure you get back-links from multiple posts on many different social media channels. This requires posting a lot of work logging into the respective websites and making the post and before I discovered this plugin this is exactly what I had my outsourcer spend time doing every day.

The plugin is compatible with the numerous Web 2.0 sites which range from Bookmarking, Sharing, Social Networking and other blog sites making sure every post gets syndicated across to all these sites automatically. Naturally it takes a little time to configure all the accounts however it does have a nifty Import/Export facility that makes this process easier the second time.

As you can see from the list below it works right across the spectrum of Web 2.0 sites which provide a good mix of social signals and will ensure your page becomes indexed in Google and other sites much faster.

Bookmarking Sites
  • Delicious
  • Deviantart
  • Diigo
  • Folkd
  • Linkagogo
  • Instapaper
  • Plurk
  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Zotero
PDF Sharing
  • Docdroid
  • Issuu
  • Gett
  • Scribd
  • Sendspace
Image Sharing
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
Social Networking
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Xing
  • Youtube
Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Blogger
  • Livejournal
  • Overblog
  • Sett
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress-based

There can be issues when posting content so it does need daily monitoring to ensure any issues are picked up and resolved. I've found posting on Google+ particularly troublesome.

For a quick overview of how the plugin works, take a look at the following video.

The plugin also has the ability to pull in other content automatically however this goes against Google policy and my recommendation is to avoid using such a feature.

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